“Barbara Is the Best!”

“Barbara is the best of the best!! When looking for a house, you really want the realtor to be persistent and reachable. When buying our first home, we didn’t have good experiences, so this time we asked around for recommendations on a good realtor before we started our house hunting. Since the day we met Barbara, she was very patient with us throughout our almost year-long search for our new home in a high-demand market. She was very knowledgeable about the area, informative about market pricing, always explained the details clearly and NOT pushy at all during the entire buying process. She listened to all our needs carefully and constantly kept us posted on any new potential listings and even filtered for us! Yes, she would spend her own time visiting potential listings in advance, and made sure it would be something we might like before taking us there. It really made every trip visiting a house worthy, gaining more knowledge about the houses in the area and helping ourselves to know clearly what exactly we wanted and could afford. She is no doubt the best of the best!! She is no doubt the best of the best!! We would recommend Barbara to EVERYBODY!!”

— Edmund & Nina, Livingston